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There are dozens of guns to choose from in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and finding the right one can be quite overwhelming. Some people excel with a sniper and you might find that you're not one of those people soon after using a sniper for the first time.

People might be talking nonstop about this assault rifle or that assault rifle only for you to find that you hate the way it feels when firing. Whatever your position is, whether it be someone new to the franchise who has no idea what these guns are or someone looking for that extra edge on the battlefield, this guide has you covered.


We've broken down what the best guns are in each class. The low-level weapons represent weapons unlocked at low levels while the high-level weapons represent weapons unlocked later in the game. Regardless of your level, each weapon listed below is sure to bring you kills galore.

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  • Marksman Rifles
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  • Handguns
  • Launchers

The assault rifles are likely your go-to class for any given situation. They have great range, great firepower, great accuracy and are overall, the most balanced types of weapons in the game. If you're not sure what kind of weapon you like to use in Modern Warfare, start with this class of guns.

Best Low-Level Assault Rifle

  • M4A1 — The M4A1 is without a doubt the most popular weapon in the game and that's because it melts enemies. It's time-to-kill is low, it fires quite accurately and brings with it a lot of mobility. It works for close-range combat, mid-range combat and, with the right attachments, long-range combat. Simply put, if you're lost in picking the right weapon, chances are the M4A1 is for you.

Best High-Level Assault Rifle

  • FN Scar 17 — The FN Scar 17 is a classic Call of Duty weapon made popular in previous iterations of Modern Warfare. It fires 7.62 ammunition which means its bullets pack more punch than most of the other assault rifles, and it fires off these powerful bullets while maintaining great accuracy over extended ranges. If the M4A1 is your jam, the FN Scar 17 will be right up your alley and works as a natural progression from lower-level assault rifles to higher-level ones.

SMGS, or Submachine Guns, are the ultimate run 'n' gun weapons meaning their perfect for the type of player that refuses to stop pressing the sprint button. They bring to the field the most mobility of any weapon class in Modern Warfare and some of the fastest fire rates. If you don't have time to spare while capturing objectives and killing enemies, the SMGS are for you.

Best Low-Level SMG

  • MP5 — The MP5 is the quintessential run 'n' gun weapon in a class made up exclusively of run 'n' gun weapons. Its sleek, fast, well-balanced and more importantly, able to take an opponent down quickly. Don't dock it for its use of 9mm ammunition as the right attachments will turn this gun into a killing machine. If you're using this, equip the Double Time, Ghost, Amped and Sleight of Hand perks (sleight of hand is a weapon perk) to create the most agile loadout in the game.


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Best High-Level SMG

  • PP19 Bizon — If you crave the stopping power of an assault rifle with all of the mobility of a submachine gun, the PP19 Bizon is for you. It carries the largest SMG magazine, which helps for those who are more apt to light up a room than they are to laser focus their kills, and maintains a low-to-moderate rate of recoil. What it lacks in range and damage, it more than makes up for in its ability to lay down close-range cover.

The Shotguns are the riskiest guns in Modern Warfare in that they pack the most powerful price at at the great cost of little range. They don't typically shoot far but when their bullets land, they really land. If aiming isn't really your thing and if you're fine with defending an objective on behalf of the team, the Shotguns are for you.

Best Low-Level Shotgun

  • Model 680 — The Model 680 is the classic 12-gauge pump-action shotgun you've come to expect in every Call of Duty game. It's powerful, reliable and easily handled. If you're playing a larger objective-based game mode like Domination where you're often tasked with holding a small area of land, the Model 680 will certainly get the job done.

Best High-Level Shotgun

  • 725 — The 725 is right up there with the M4A1 assault rifle as one of the best guns in Modern Warfare. No, seriously. Perhaps it's slightly unbalanced in favor of the shooter — only future updates will tell — but this 725 packs all the power of a shotgun with the range of an SMG somehow. It can only fire two bullets before firing so you have to make the most of it but as it stands right now, a single shot above the torso will take an enemy down. That kind of stopping power with the 725's range makes this shotgun a must have in your current loadouts.

The LMGS are a weapon class home to some of the most enjoyable weapons in Modern Warfare and one of the best guns in the game. They have extremely large ammunition capacities — you can fire for a very long time before ever needing to reload — that allows you to fire powerful bullets from virtually any range. Sure, they aren't the most accurate weapons in the game but when you're firing off 100 rounds, accuracy isn't a necessity.

Best Low-Level LMG

  • PKM — The PKM is one of the best weapons in this group of what we think are the best weapons in Modern Warfare. If you can handle an LMG, the PKM is a weapon you need to have in your loadout. It fires 7.62 ammunition at the rate of a decent assault rifle but packs high damage and extreme range. With the proper scope, the PKM is a useful asset on any map in the game, including the massive Ground War maps. All you need to do is land a few bullets into your enemy with the PKM and they'll drop long before you ever even need to think about reloading.


Best High-Level SMG

  • MG34 — The MG34 is a WWII LMG that packs the power of one of our favorites, the PKM, into a gun with a very fast rate of fire. If the PKM is too slow for you, the MG34 might be more your speed. When using this gun, though, you're sacrificing a good amount of mobility which translates to this gun will make your movements feel slow. Because of that, the MG34 works best for holding down capture points from a distance with a bipod attachment.

The Marksman Rifles are the class of weapons best suited for impatient snipers who would rather spend their time on a map moving from place to place than camping out high above the rest of the team in a window. These weapons don't differ much from sniper rifles in that they're still capable of a single-shot kill if the bullet is placed into the right spot on the enemy. They sacrifice speed for accuracy and mobility for power but if you want all of the fun of sniping but would rather spend your time moving on a map, the Marksman Rifles are for you.

Best Low-Level Marksman Rifle

  • MK2 Carbine — The MK2 Carbine is the Marksman Rifle for players not yet ready to move on to the bolt-action marksman rifle or sniper, but doesn't quite have the patience for a similar gun that requires multiple bullets for the kill. With a bullet to the chest or head from this gun, the enemy will go down and best of all, the MK2 Carbine doesn't sacrifice accuracy, damage or mobility for that kind of power.

Best High-Level Marksman Rifle

  • Kar98k — The Kar98k is a staple Marksman Rifle in Call of Duty and is often heralded as one of the series' best guns. That's because it is a powerful, but slow, bolt-action rifle that can eliminate an enemy with a single well-placed bullet above the torso. That translates to aim above the hips and you'll get the kill. Its attachments can turn it into a sniper on the go or an in-your-face rifle that is sure to yield kills upon kills in the right hands.

Sniper Rifles are for a very particular kind of player. This player doesn't care to rush objectives, or enemies for that matter, and would rather sit patiently until their prey comes running across their crosshairs. In that moment, this player always gets the kill with a single bullet and they'll often hear the addictive ding of a headshot. If you've got patience, accuracy and would prefer to stick to the shadows, the Sniper Rifles are for you.

Best Low-Level Sniper Rifle

  • Dragunov — The Dragunov is a sniper rifle long since heralded as one of Call of Duty's best weapons. It's fast, powerful and quite forgiving. Because it isn't a bolt-action and instead is a semi-automatic sniper, you can fire multiple shots without needing to reload. This makes this the sniper for the player who isn't quite yet patient enough for a bolt-action but still has the capabilities to get the longshot. It doesn't kill in one hit below the chest, but a good sniper is already aiming for the head every time.


Best High-Level Sniper Rifle

  • AX-50 — If you were a fan of the .50 Cal from the original Modern Warfare, the AX-50 is the 2019 followup to that famous sniper rifle. It's a bolt-action sniper that fires slow but kills with almost every hit. We only recommend this weapon for the esteemed sniper as at a long-range, this gun requires the player to really dial in their shots, but if you're up for the challenge, you can become a powerful asset to any team.

Handguns are the tried and true secondary weapons of Call of Duty. They are there for you when you need them most, which is when your primary has run out of ammo and you don't have time to reload, and they keep you feeling fitted even when the primary weapon has run dry. If your primary weapon is too big or too slow to get the close-range kill, a good handgun will always deliver.

Best Low-Level Handgun

  • 1911 — The 1911 has been with us since WWII and it remains a staple of Call of Duty today. This is because it's the ole' reliable of handguns. It isn't powerful, but it's fast. It doesn't have range, but it's accurate. It's balanced and it's there when you need it most. If you don't want to carry a hand cannon in your secondary slot, the 1911 has got your back.

Best High-Level Handgun

  • .50 GS — When you see 50 as part of a weapon's name, more often than not, Modern Warfare is telling you that this weapon fires the most powerful bullets in the game: .50 caliber rounds. That's the case for the .50 GS and that translates to this gun being quite the hand cannon to keep in your back pocket. It fires slow and packs a lot of recoil but a few shots will hit your enemy in a way they've never been hit by a pistol before. If you need a guaranteed kill when you switch to your secondary, the .50 GS is the handgun for you.

Launchers, or rocket launchers, are the most explosive weapons in the game and are best-suited for volatile gameplay styles and tactical teammates. Some launchers are for taking down enemy UAVs, a blessing for any team. Others are for blowing up your enemies in the most explosive way possible or for destroying their shiny new tank.

Best Low-Level Launcher

  • PILA — The PILA is the best launcher for the player who's tired of their location being revealed by pesky and constant UAVs. Because of its quick lock-on times, the PILA is best when its being fired at vehicles.


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Best High-Level Launcher

  • RPG-7 — Do you ever just want to shoot your enemy in the face with a rocket? If so, the RPG-7 is the launcher for you. It's the most explosive of the launchers but it lacks lock-on capabilities so you're going to need to be accurate. This launcher works best in large-scale objective-based modes like Domination where you'll often find an entire enemy team holding down a single objective. Fire this weapon their way and enjoy a quick and easy multi-kill.

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