Bullet Journal Addict - Bullet Journal ADHD Management Tips and Advice (2023)

Bullet journal ADHD management can help combat forgetfulness, thought overload, and help you stay on top of tasks. Today I’m going to show you how people with ADHD can benefit from using a bullet journal.When you live with ADHD it can be extremely difficult. People will complain about your forgetfulness or random behavior often. Even more than what other people will complain about you will often find yourself beating yourself up for things too.Our lack of ability to stay on task, remember things at the store, remember events or plans, and even just keeping track of our daily chores can often be too much for us. We forget grocery lists at home, library books will vanish, we forget dry cleaning for weeks at a time.But don’t get down on yourself, you can find help for your ADHD with bullet journaling. I have found it helps in many ways, like organizing my thoughts and helping me deal with anxiety.Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Bullet Journaling Is Best For ADHD

The bullet journal is a memory keeping journal and planner hybrid that can help the most unorganized people get organized. It can help you to remember everything from events, books you’ve read, and what you did two days ago. It can also help you know what you need to do each day, hold lists and reminders, and be a fun creative outlet.

Control Too Many Thoughts

One thing that most people with ADHD deal with is the amount of thoughts that we have running through our brain at any given point in time. The bullet journal can help a lot with that. You can keep yourself focused on the tasks of the day while also providing a place for you to store new thoughts.

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Stop Forgetfulness

Writing down events, tasks, goals, and important information and keeping it with you no matter where you go can be an amazing tool. Once in the habit of checking your bullet journal several times a day for the next task it becomes less likely that you will forget to accomplish a task.Bullet Journal Addict - Bullet Journal ADHD Management Tips and Advice (1)

Stay On Top Of Tasks

Having a place to record your daily tasks you will find yourself being more productive every day. More than just your daily tasks, though, the bullet journal can help you to remember household tasks like cleaning appliances, changing filters, or checking for lint in your dryer vent. These things often get overlooked by those with ADHD and the bullet journal can set up those reminders.

Give Your Brain Creative Freedom

Finally, for the ADHD brain we don’t often do really well with structure even though we desperately need it in our lives. The bullet journal provides you a place where you can find structure but be creative with it. The bullet journal can be unstructured while still providing you all the necessary tools to stay on task. To see examples of this, check out my article 50 Habit Tracker Ideas for Your Bullet Journal.

Ways To Combat ADHD with Bullet Journaling

There are a few spreads that are especially helpful to those who have ADHD. These spreads will help you to stay on task and complete things that are easy to forget.

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Future logs, monthly, weekly, and even daily spreads are especially useful in a bullet journal. While not all with ADHD find these to be extremely helpful for those with odd schedules this will help you stay on top of everything.Bullet Journal Addict - Bullet Journal ADHD Management Tips and Advice (2)You won’t necessarily need to use all four options, but I highly recommend using a future log and at least a monthly or weekly planner. These will help you to stay on top of upcoming appointments and tasks.


Trackers can help you to make sure that tasks get accomplished. They are either daily tasks or they can be more long term like tasks that are meant to be done only a couple times a year. The trackers purpose is to make sure you actually finish tasks.Bullet Journal Addict - Bullet Journal ADHD Management Tips and Advice (3)


Collections are exactly as they sound. You collect ideas, names, activities, and things in your collections. They can be movies you want to see, books you want to read, recommendations from friends, birthdays, gift ideas or any number of things that you need to remember.

Brain Dumps

Brain dumps work sort of like collections but instead these are meant to hold random thoughts and ideas that pop into your head. This is a way to remember a thought process while not stopping what you were already working on. It also prevents you from forgetting a thought process.This is extremely useful to those with ADHD. If you suddenly remember that you need to call someone and ask them a question, but can’t at that point in time you can write down a reminder quickly in your bullet journal. Later that evening when checking off the days tasks you can accomplish that task easily.

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One thing that ADHD people need is the ability to keep a journal. The journal is extremely important to people who have ADHD because it helps to reinforce their memory. Journaling is a good way to help build up our memory functions as well as solidify facts in our brains.Bullet Journal Addict - Bullet Journal ADHD Management Tips and Advice (4)

Getting Used To Bullet Journaling

Getting into the habit of bullet journaling is the hardest part about using a bullet journal. Luckily, I’ve already gotten through that hard part and I have some helpful tips to help you get into the habit of using your bullet journal daily.

Keep It Near Where You Always Are

This could be on your desk, on your nightstand, in your kitchen, or even in a purse or briefcase. Wherever you spend most of your time is where you want to make sure you are keeping your bullet journal. This keeps it in front of your face daily making it easier to stay on top of it.I keep my bullet journal at my desk. As a blogger it’s where I spend most of my time so it’s where I am most likely to utilize it and need it. When I used to leave the house for work each day I would keep my bullet journal in my purse.It’s all about making the bullet journal as easily accessible as possible. This makes it easier to get into it to record your day, tasks, or keep yourself in check.

Keep It Simple To Start

Don’t try to do intricate designs in the beginning, unless you are comfortable doing so. Keep it minimalist and try everything you think may help. The first couple of months are all about trying new spreads and collections to see what works. See some of my favorite minimalist bullet journal set ups here.Keep your design simple until your find your bullet journal sweet spot. The sweet spot hits when you find the right amount of trackers, collections, spreads, and planners to make your life easier. It’s also when your habit is strong enough that you are in your bullet journal everyday.

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Use It Every Single Day

Do not skip a day for the first 30 days. Stay on top of your bullet journal until it is a habit. Even if all your are doing is filling it in with journal entries for 30 days. The goal here is to start a new habit. This is why I recommend keeping it simple to start.Bullet Journal Addict - Bullet Journal ADHD Management Tips and Advice (5)After you get into the habit of looking in your bullet journal and writing in your bullet journal every day you can start doing more detailed spreads and planners. Keep it simple for a couple of months and if time permits for you start practicing with themes and other ideas.

Bullet Journal ADHD Management

The bullet journal is an amazing tool to help manage symptoms of ADHD. It will help you to remember and complete tasks, keep track of extra ideas and thoughts, and make planning a breeze. If you struggle with ADHD starting a bullet journal is important to keep it under control.Remember: get into the habit of using your bullet journal by keeping it close, keeping it simple, and using it often throughout the day. Check it as much as you check social media or your phone and you will soon be in the habit of using your bullet journal and staying on top of your ADHD symptoms.

Recommended Products

Do you think a bullet journal will help you manage your ADHD? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [emailprotected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.Related Posts:

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